Hi! We're Ivan + Irene, your husband and wife duo! We love capturing moments, any moments! Those close to us know that we will do anything for a good shot (even if it means a 2 hour drive)! Photography has easily become a main part of what we love to do during our quality time together, so why not use it to meet cool people and help capture their moments together!

We are based in Southern California but we have an itch for traveling, so just say the word! We strive to capture images that bring your vision to life, that tells your love story through our lens. Our goal is to document moments that you will look back on and cherish forever! We would love to partner with you to tell your story! 

We are both 29 years old and heading into our 7th year of marriage. We have a 4 year old daughter Madison Evangeline and are currently expecting our 2nd daughter Violet.

Our love language is quality time, most of the time we are always together so the fact that we get to shoot weddings while spending time together is a dream for us! We love weddings and throughout the day we find ourselves, laughing, crying, and just soaking in every moment with all of our brides and grooms. We truly grow a love for all of our couples, and seeing the love surrounding them on their special day is so beautiful! We are so honored to get to capture these intimate and special moments so you guys!


Some fun facts about us..

  1. Aside from photography, Ivan’s second passion is cooking! (wish is a plus for me!) You name it, he cooks it! He loves finding new recipes to try out. I on the other hand am the most boring eater so luckily for Ivan, Madison shares his joy for food so they both love spending time in the kitchen!

  2. We’ve known each other since we were 4 years old, grew up our whole lives together. He was one of my brother’s closest friends. We can honestly say that we would have NEVER imagined the life we are living and especially that we are married! It wasn’t until we were 18 years old that our friendship started to take a turn.. at one point we both were trying to set each other up with each others friends!

  3. We are both self taught photographer and have been shooting for about 10 years. Since I was in Jr.High my dad would gift me a digital camera every Christmas. When Ivan and I began to date at 18 I would drag him with me to all sorts of locations to practice shooting my friends, then eventually he would get frustrated that I did everything in auto so he learned how to work everything and taught me all the correct ways to shoot manually!

  4. We love all Marvel movies, Ivan HAS to watch them opening night, but I on the other hand wait until he’s watched the movie so that he can tell me if my favorite characters are still alive. He hates movies getting spoiled for him and I need to know what to expect, so I make him tell me all the important parts. (drives him nuts)

  5. We love to pack up our car and drive! We love to travel! But if we aren’t traveling, we are such homebodies! So I guess we have the perfect balance!